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What Is Study Shows?

Study Shows is a ministry that was founded by Palace. Study shows was inspired by (2 Tim 2:15). It is an outreach ministry that goes into different cities and communities to hand out bibles and mixtapes. The goal is to partner with multiple organizations and churches all over the world to help impact different communities for the Kingdom of God. Prayerfully one day Study Shows will be able to sponsor and fund block parties, sports tournaments, community clean ups, CHH concerts, community cloth drives, food giveaways and more!

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Our focus is to bring a wholistic approach to outreach ministry. We believe that study shows up in your everyday life, no matter what it is. We want everyone that we encounter to be encouraged to study more. We want to urge them to study nutrition and wellness for their health. Also study and learn about financials to save them from debt. Additionally we feel the need to motivate students to study more to master their academics. The harvest is plenty, but the labors are few. We are prepared to submit to the call of the few. Your prayers are appreciated. And remember Study Shows!